Kennedy Ctr. – Dec. 26 – My Fair Lady

Dear 25th Year HST Families,
HST tries to take a group of students to see a Kennedy Center show each year. This year the selection is:
My Fair Lady – at 1:30pm on December 26th. Kennedy Center Cost is $55/ticket. Seats are front row of the 2nd Tier.
This is a 3 hour show that is beautifully costumed – so you will get your money’s worth!
After the show we’ll go up to the terrace to enjoy the beautiful Christmas lights before returning home.
From now until the parent meeting (Sept. 27) we will give priority to HST highschool students. After the parent meeting we will allow parents, HST teachers, and siblings (HST age 14 and up) to sign up.
Tickets for this show can be a great Christmas present! Go to THS’s Socials Sign-up and reserve your spot. * <>*
Blessings, Marilyn

THS Social – Renaissance Fair- Sept. 28

Dear 25th Year HST Highschoolers,
Next Saturday HST’s Honor Society is sponsoring a day trip to the Renaissance Fair. This is an excellent opportunity to see some great Shakespeare scenes performed professionally (*and this year there are TWO Romeo & Juliet scenes!*) as well as lots of other fun performances that include some HST teachers and workshop leaders: *Ms. Steffi (SH Director), Keegan Cassady (TT & video class), Joe Grasso (stage combat wkshop)*. Look at the attached schedule of events. *Some will be required and others are highly recommended.* Students must stay in groups of 3 or more, attend the mandatory performances, and send pictures at designated times.
Cost (students bring a check on the day of event made out to HST).
– Age 16 & up – $27 ($23 if we get 20 attendees) – Age 14 & 15 – $12 ($11 if we get 20 attendees) – Money for lunch/drinks. Here is a link to the foods available:
Please go to the THS Socials SignUp Genius and sign-up!
We hope you’ll consider joining us for a full day of fun! Blessings, Mrs. Mullan

SR Troupe Audition Info

Dear 25th Year SR Troupe, Your audition information is posted to the website.
– Go to <> – If you are on a lap top click on “HST Families” in blue bar. – If you are on a cell phone or tablet, click on the menu icon (3 lines) in the blue bar. That will bring up a box. Click on “HST Families.” – On HST Families page, look under PROGRAM LINKS for SR Troupe. – Click on SR Troupe. You will need a password: HST25
You will find AUDITION SIDES and AUDITION MUSIC. *Use the YouTube links to learn the songs*, but you *need to look at the sheet music to know which part of the song is being used* for the audition.
Memorization of sides is not required, except for those auditioning for Tony. Tony’s lines in the scene with Doc must be memorized. (*Freshmen may not audition for Tony*.)*NOTE: * Sides should be acted, not just read. You should be familiar with the scene and have a personal strategy for conveying the character you are playing. NO props or costume pieces. Audition Songs *that all girls/guys are asked to learn* will be auditioned as follows:Groups of students will sing the song all the way through. Then groups will be split into smaller groups that sing the song through again. Then, depending on time, some/all will sing a section of the song as a soloist. Note: The Director can pick out specific voices when the group is singing through the entire song, so even if the section of song that you sing as a solo is not your “best” section, it will not impact the director’s ability to assess your vocal abilities. Music is not required to be memorized EXCEPT for the following:Tony – memorize entire song of “Something’s Coming”Maria and Anita – memorize song “A Boy Like That”*All Girls – Learn part of “America”*
*All Guys – Learn part of “Jet Song”*
*Anita and Maria – “A Boy Like That”*
*Maria – All girls should learn entire song of “I Feel Pretty”*
*Tony – “Somethings Coming” (entire song) PLUS pp. 25-26 of “Maria* Please remember that you will have a dance audition during your first class on Oct. 4th. Songs/sides will be auditioned on Oct. 11th.
Finally, a note of encouragement from your Director, Mrs. Alexander: *This can be a stressful, exhilarating, enjoyable, scary time, these auditions. I can assure you that our professional alums go through the same range of crazy feelings as they audition. Everyone does; it’s the nature of theater. Prepare the best you can and then get your mind off you. Be welcoming to the troupe members you meet, polite and gentle with your accompanist and other staff. Know that your Director is always in your corner, wanting you to do your best and looking for the talents she has seen in you as your have grown. Hold the results lightly. You can have your very best year no matter what part you get. We trust in God to reveal what we need to see. You have families who are praying for you. Enjoy the journey.*
Looking forward to getting this year started! Blessings, Mrs. Mullan

Support HST’s Car Wash today – new location!

Dear HST 25th Year Families,
If you are in the Rockville area or out doing errands….how about supporting HST’s CAR WASH!
We are at a new location :
MOBILE GAS STATION 9am to 5pm TODAY!!! *890 Rockville Pike* – *corner of Edmonston Dr. & Rockville Pike *
*It has been harder and harder for our students to do well at our Car Washes*. It seems to be a combination of people being too busy to stop as well as less generous with their donations.
STOP BY and support HST!! Blessings, Marilyn

SH Audition Oct. 4th – Audition Sides attached

Dear 25th Year SH Students,

*The s**ides for your audition are attached to this email*. Please print them and bring them on Oct. 4th.
*You will have AUDITIONS on OCT. 4th. *

You should *read the story of Romeo and Juliet *before October 4th, *or watch one of the movie versions*. *We will not be sending out the cut script until the casting is done. *You can easily get an un-cut version of the play on the internet.

When you prepare for auditions – you should make strong character choices for each of the characters you could be asked to read for. *You do not have to memorize these sides, but you should not treat them as cold readings.*Think about the character’s temperament, motivation, physicality, vocal tone, etc. Come prepared to act!

*Note*: *You are NOT allowed to bring props or costume pieces*. Professional auditions are done with a blank stage and the option of using a chair.

Finally, please remember to be praying for God’s provision and blessings for our 25th Year. We never want to take His help for granted.

Now, let the fun begin!
Mrs. Mullan