Please promote HST’s Registration to New Families

Dear HST Families,
Registration is up and running – PRAISE GOD! We’ve already had several families successfully register. *We recognize that It will be a bit of a learning curve for everyone this year but I am certain that out-sourcing this aspect of running HST was essential for our survivability. * With software needing to be updated every 5 to 7 years so it stays compatible with the web and security issues becoming more difficult, this change is the most economical long-term solution for HST. *Please note that we did not increase any tuition prices this year because we recognize that TADS passes along to our families the 3% cost of using a credit card *(which is enough increase for you). As always we trust that God will help all of our families make prudent decisions for what they can afford and then bless them with provision of income.
*Now that we are open and ready for NEW families*, we’d like to ask your help in finding those new families that keep HST going (as other families graduate out or move on to other things). *Please share with potential families that even though HST’s tuition seems high, it is still about half the cost of regular after-school programs comparable in quality to what we offer.* We also offer more than just classes, we offer a community of wonderful families and many social activities for students to connect with peers. SO, if you know of a family that you think would enjoy HST, please forward them the following link for them to consider registering:
Many thanks & blessings, Marilyn

HST Registration is FINALLY opening!

Dear Returning HST families,
First, I want to thank God that we are finally going to open registration. We have out-sourced our registration so that we do not have to worry about constantly updating and maintaining the software and monitoring security of your information. Please note that you only have TWO weeks to take advantage of the discounted prices. Due to our late opening, *we will be asking everyone to help promote HST’s program to new families because registration tends to be lower when we open late. T* *he new families registration link will be up on our website by Thursday. *
Returning families will be receiving invite(s) to enroll your child(ren) for HST’s 25th season late Tuesday or early Wednesday. The email will be coming from TADS, the company who will be handling our registration and payments this year.
This email will have links to *3 documents that you should look at before you enroll*. They are:
· A course list link which will bring up our *2019-2020 Class chart*. Please review this prior to enrolling your children. The early bird registration price is will *only *be in effect through *July 31st*. Also, due to lack of staffing, we had to eliminate a few classes.
· *A tuition worksheet *link that will bring up a 2 page worksheet to help you calculate your total tuition. Unfortunately, the new system will not provide a total price until you have enrolled all your children. At that point, you will not be able to make changes without contacting us. In order to minimize this, we ask you to please download this worksheet and fill it out for your records prior to enrolling.
· *A prepaid ticket worksheet* link that will bring up a document to help you calculate what you owe for prepaid tickets. The TADS system will not have the capability of charging the price of prepaid tickets this year. Therefore, we will be collecting payment for them by check(s) at our September parent meeting.
After you review these documents, we ask that you click the “enroll on the TADS website” link. This will bring you to a sign-in page. Please click the gray “Create a New Account” button and fill out all the necessary info. The system will then walk you through enrolling your child.
*Important registration notes:*
· There is a Student Supplemental Question page that asks you to select your student’s grade in school from the pull down menu. This may be adjusted throughout elementary school (e.g. in cases where a student needs to either repeat or skip a grade). However, once you list your student as an 8th grader, your student will be eligible to enroll in HST for up to 5 years (including the 8th grade year). If they skip a grade or graduate early, they have 4 years left.
· The Health Information page has a box labeled “allergies”. *Please use this box to list not only allergies, but also any other health or learning issues we should be aware of.*
· Please note the terms and conditions on the Submit Registration page. Also please be aware of the important note that if you continue forward, you may not make further changes to your course selections without contacting HST directly.
· Once you have enrolled your first child, you will be brought to a page that lists your other children. (You can also get to this page by clicking the enrollment tab at the top.) Please click on each name and repeat the enrollment process for each child. TADS requires that you accept all policies again for each child.
· If the child is not returning, please click that name and select ‘No’ when prompted. You *must* click all through listed names before your family is fully enrolled.
· To enroll a new child, please click the Admissions Tab. Then click the “Start New Application” button. You will then receive another email inviting you to enroll this child. Once we accept your child on our end (TADS does not allow this piece to be automatic), you will receive another email asking you to set up a payment agreement for this child.
· Once your family is fully enrolled, you will be brought to the payment agreement page where you can set up payments through TADS.
*Important payment notes*:
· Payments can only be made by credit card or direct withdrawal from your bank. You will need to select one of these options.
· If you pay by credit card, TADS will charge you a 3% convenience fee.
· When you first register, TADS will charge the $30 registration fee.
· In order to avoid incurring any additional fees, please use the same method of payment for all children. If a pop-up asks you to select an account, choose the “select existing account” option rather than “create a new account” unless you have a serious reason to do so.
· You have the option of having other payments charged or withdrawn on either the 15th or 25th of each month.
· Once you enroll all of your children, you will have the option of selecting a payment plan that splits your tuition over 1, 2, 4, or 6 installments. The 1 or 2 installment payment plans do not incur any additional fees. TADS will charge a $55 fee for the 4 and 6 payment plans. The table below lists the months these payments will be charged. If you select the 15th and you select one of the plans that have a July payment, TADS will make the first charge immediately (since it after July 15). Please note that there is no payment in September because that is when prepaid ticket checks will be collected.
# Payments Payment Dates 1 July 2 July, Nov. 4 Aug, Oct., Nov., Dec. 6 July, Aug., Oct., Nov., Dec.
· If you enroll after July 25 but before the Sept 1 registration deadline, TADS will charge you any previous payments.
We realize that this is a big change and will take some getting used to for all of us. But, we hope and pray that God will use this new system to streamline the registration and payment process so that we can devote more energy to the students in this program. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mena Stell: 410-905-1137


To all of HST’s wonderful families,
It has been a while since I have sent out any emails. It’s not that I don’t love HST – it’s that I managed to be a bit clumsy, changing my plans for this summer.
On June 10th, I managed to slide feet first down the slope in my backyard which would not normally be a big deal except my right foot tucked under and snapped – breaking my ankle on both sides. I spent the next 10 days managing pain so I could attend my son’s Ordination events before having surgery that put my ankle back together with 7 screws and a metal plate. With God’s grace – the swelling went down fast enough for a hard cast to be put on early so I could travel for a weak to Minnesota with my family for an Ordination reception with relatives there. I returned July 3, exhausted but grateful.
In all these weeks, God has used HST to bless me and my family enormously – from meals, cleaning, helping with the Ordination reception, and finally….a garden of hearts all over my house that greeted my return from Minnesota. I have since found out that I was not the only recipient of HST’s loving “hearts” tradition. Both our SR Troupe Director, Cynthia Alexander, and our Shakespeare Director, Steffi Phelan, who have been battling cancer were also showered with hearts.
It is not really possible to verbalize the power of love. We all know what it feels like when your heart wells up and your eyes tear up and you are lifted out of yourself to something greater, more powerful, more enticing than anything tangible…..LOVE. This thing called love, which is the greatest of the 3 lasting things (faith, hope and love), is renewing, strengthening, healing, enriching, satisfying, and sacrificial. It is people putting aside their needs, their time, their energy, their treasure, for the sake of others. It is indescribable because it is eternal. Love lives on forever. It is God’s gift to us which we share with each other. It is life.
So, while “Thank You,” is totally inadequate for such an abundance of love shared – I pray that God will let our simple words fill you with our love for each of you. HST is truly a loving community that we are SO blessed to be a part of.
Below are Steffi’s and Cynthia’s notes to all of you. Please makes sure you share our gratitude with your children because we teach generosity by being examples of generosity so our children can see the beautiful impact loving service has on others.
With an overflowing heart and abundant prayers for your blessings, Marilyn PS – There will be business emails that will follow (registration is still not open…so keep praying!), but for now I hope you can just bask in gift of love that God has given to all of us. ___________________________________________ Dear HST ~ I don’t know if you realize how poignant, uplifting, and empowering your ‘rainshower’ of hearts were to me last Wednesday. That would have been the day for me to begin my next cycle of treatment. Instead, it was the first day of my next phase – the chemo-free recovery phase. For me, it was the first day of happier, healthier, easier living. Your hearts could not have rained down on a more poignant and remarkable day. Thank you for being a part of this new & hopeful phase. Also, thank you for being some of the Good in our sometimes difficult world. I will continue to follow your examples in my approach to others having tough times. Peace, ~ Steffi
Proverbs 25:11 “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver.”
Buckets of words fitly spoken: scripture verses, prayers, advice from the Saints, children’s art–these greeted me on the blessed fourth! A huge thank you and shout out to my HST families, who know just how to reach out with comfort and care!
These are meant to be savored like a rich meal; eaten a little at a time. I delighted in each one in order to get the scope of this great gift. Now, they’re safely inside and residing in these buckets to be pulled and read through over time. What treasure!
Thank you for loving me through the most challenging days, weeks, months, and now, years I have ever encountered. I have treasured my HST years and am so thrilled when I see the FB posts that bring me up to date on my now adult actors; pictures of proms, vacations, college graduations, weddings, babies, and the latest, a live stream that gave me the opportunity to see the ordination of Patrick and Brendan in June. What an amazing experience to be a little part of these lives. Do all teachers get to feel this way? How blessed we are!
It was wonderful to be loved and treasured by our current HST family this past weekend. The future is so filled with beauty in all of our lives as I see how the sacrifices of homeschooling become so outweighed by the blessed results. It continues to be my great privilege to be a part of God’s plan for HST. Thank you for all that you do to cherish and love one another in this community. Surely, we follow the example of our Great Shepherd!
<*)))>< Mrs. A

Hip Hop does not count for SR Troupe dance requirement

Dear Understanding SR Troupe Students,
Jazz/Hip-Hop will not longer count as your required dance class for SR Troupe. For those who were in the Hip Hop class and do not know whether to register for Broadway Jazz 1 or 2 – go ahead and register for Broadway 1 (unless you were previously assessed as ready for Broadway Jazz 2). We will likely split the Broadway Jazz 1 class into two classes. It could be that we create a Broadway Jazz 1.5 class or a Boys Broadway Jazz class. We’ll make that determination when registrations are all in. The “split” classes will both meet at the Broadway Jazz 1 time.
Blessings, Mrs. Mullan

3 Auction Items at Pool Party

Dear Understanding HST Families,
I decided that 3 items it not worth my having to monitor emails for a couple hours. Therefore, we will have bid sheets for the following 3 items at the Pool Party. If you want to bid but are not coming to Pool Party – *you can email me the item and the highest bid you are willing to pay for the items *you are interested in. * I will then bid for you – up to your max (I won’t just to your max, but will bid $1 more than the latest bid until your max is reached). * Blessings, Marilyn
*Potomac Driving School* *–Share this unique opportunity with other families with teens!* –$350 gift certificate valid toward cost of Driver Education Course for one first-time student, age 15+ –30 hours classroom instruction and 6 hours in-car lessons –locations throughout Montgomery County; cost of course varies with location ($350-$550) –licensed & certified by MD MVA –expiration date: 2/29/2020 (just have to register for class by this date) –minimum bid: $175
*The Adventure Park at Sandy Spring Friends School (Sandy Spring, MD)* *–TripAdvisor winner of Certificate of Excellence for last 6 years in a row!* –2 vouchers, each valid for 3 consecutive hours climbing at the Aerial Forest Adventure Park plus 40-minute orientation session. Valid during normal hours of park operations. Ages 7+ Weight limit= 265 lbs. –expiration date: 12/8/19 –retail value: $112 –minimum bid: $55
*Shadowland Laser Adventures * *–Great gift idea!* –Triple Play Pass good for 3 free plays. Valid at all 5 locations: Columbia, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Chantilly, Springfield –expiration date: none –retail value: $21 –minimum bid: $10

Reminder – Pool Party is tomorrow

*HST Annual End-of-year POOL PARTY Details*
POOL PARTY is TOMORROW – May 31 from Noon to 3PM (no rain date so send up a prayer for good weather!)
*ADDRESS: Twinbrook Pool, 13027 Atlantic Ave., Rockville, MD 20851** (See directions below)* There is plenty of parking.
We have RSVP’s for 210 people! *Your cost helps us cover the cost of rental and food basics (kosher hotdogs, fixins, lemonaide, paper goods)**.* The final decision was that this is a private rental (since we are the only people at the pool during this time) so membership did not reduce cost. Therefore, *if you RSVP’d yes – we hope you will attend since we need high numbers to cover costs *(we won’t break even but if everyone comes it will be less than $100 “cost” to HST to hold this event).
*FEE: **$5 one person, $10 for two or three people, $15 for 4 or more people* *– will be collected when entering.* *Note – your entire family is invited if you were part of our 2018/2019 season. Please do not bring friends/guests. This is an HST event.*
*There is a sand volleyball court, basketball hoop, ping-pong, playground, shaded areas to sit, diving well, and lots of grassy area to spread out towels/blankets – so* *plan to come even if you don’t like to swim.* *Everyone has a great time**!! * NOTE: This pool does not have a baby pool, but babies can be held by parents in large pool with swim diapers. Noodles and floaties for toddlers.
*Families should bring ONE of the following:* salad, munchie, or dessert (please bring whatever serving utensils are needed).
*Families should bring their own towels & sun screen and a food item to share. *

*Dress Code:* Girls should wear a tee shirt over their suit if they have a two-piece suit or a low-cut one-piece suit. Modest Tanktini’s that cover mid-riffs are fine. Boys should wear boxer swimsuits or jammers, not racing or brief style swim wear.
*DIRECTIONS:* Atlantic Ave. intersects with Veirs Mill Rd. (there is a light at this intersection) There is a McDonald’s and a Dairy Queen at this intersection (when you turn onto Atlantic Ave. the McD’s will be on your left and the Dairy Queen on your right). About 1/10 of a mile down Atlantic Ave. you will turn left into the entrance for Twinbrook Pool (look for wooden sign – you cannot see the pool from the street). Note: Atlantic Ave. intersection is between Twinbrook Pkwy. intersection and Edmonston Drive intersection.
*How to get to Veirs Mill Rd. from Rt. 270:* Take the Rt. 28 exit off 270 – going toward Rockville. You will wind through downtown Rockville, before coming to a massive intersection with Rt. 355 (Hungerford Dr.). Once you cross this intersection – the street becomes Veirs Mill Rd. Atlantic Ave. will be your fifth light after crossing over Rt. 355 (2nd and 3rd lights are very close together). If you get to Twinbrook Pkwy. you have gone too far.