Prayer Request: Open churches petition

My Dear Christian Friends,
I am not usually a political person. However, I greatly value the freedom to vote and to peacefully protest. Petitions are a way to do this. While it will be very hard to get anyone to pay attention to the voices of Christians begging to be let into our churches, when there are huge protests focusing on unjust deaths, it is still worth the effort. Our gift of faith tells us that there is something more than life on earth and we need to go on record that the eternal life of people is equally important (actually more, but we won’t push it)..
I take comfort in all the Bible stories where God’s mighty hand brought victory to a seemingly impossible situation. These remind us of the truth that nothing is impossible for God. In the end, one of the lessons God may be teaching us through this pandemic, is that we need to speak up and defend our right to worship. (Obviously, some people will not be comfortable attending church at this point, but the option should be allowed, with the same restrictions that are allowing other businesses to operate.)
Please note – I am not sending this out to all of HST as an official HST email. I am only sending it out to those who have opted to be in HST’s prayer email group. I have always respected differing opinions, so there is absolutely no pressure intended. You are free to do whatever your spirit feels is best for you.
Finally, prayer (which all of you have so generously offered to do) is THE most important thing we can ever do. It is the secret weapon at every Christian’s disposal. So, I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you understand prayer’s importance and actively volunteer to pray for petitions.
May God bless you for taking the time to read this and consider signing/sharing it and/or praying for its success. Blessings, Marilyn

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