Update on Dance Registration/Refunds

Dear HST Families,
I’ve been praying about our dance classes and have decided that we need to offer a refund to families in September if parents decide they are not comfortable. Here is the new plan:
– We have make-up dance classes scheduled for Sept. 8 & 9, Sept. 15 & 16. – These are optional classes (for students who paid for dance in 2019/2020) – Most classes will be done in mask but the Jazz 4 time slot will be open to any high-schoolers who wish to do a class without a mask (if legally allowed). – Sept. 17 parents will vote for whether they want their children in classes with mask or without – HST will review votes to see if we can adjust classes (possibly combining levels) so that some are in mask & some are not – Skill assessments will be done on Sept. 23 and students will be informed which classes they are eligible for – Parents will have 24 hours (after assessments go out) to withdraw their students from classes & receive a full refund
I realize that offering this option to parents is not a great business move because I won’t know if we have enough students to run classes until a couple weeks before the Oct. 7 start date for 2020/2021 classes. However, I believe that HST needs to go this extra-mile to support parents. It was clear from the zoom meeting that we have a wide range of concerns and I think some parents won’t really know what they are comfortable with until we hold those 2 make-up classes in September.
Blessings, Marilyn

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