HST update…lemonaide out of lemons!

Dear HST Families,
We are getting lots of practice at creative flexibility! Covid-19 is turning out to be a boot-camp for true gratitude. Before the pandemic gratitude was something we shared when things went right. Now, gratitude is something that we have to work at daily in order to stay positive. So, let me start with gratitude that HST exists at all and that we have God as the head of this program. What feels overwhelming for us, is nothing for God. We know that He makes all things work for good for those who love Him and it is a great good to learn how to depend on Him completely and trust, even when things aren’t going well.
Next, I’m going to give some updates on glitches and our creative response.
– Glitch – the City of Rockville cancelled my contracts to use the cottage at the mansion. – Response: – We are moving all but SR & SH photo shoots to my house. – These programs only had 12 to 14 students participating, so we can have the student & 2 parents (or one parent & sibling/friend) at my home and stay under the 50 people regulation. – If you signed up to attend the photo shoot, you will receive an email with specific details. – SR & SH will get a schedule to costume at Mullan’s and then students/parents will drive to mansion for pictures & return. – We will be looking for a parent volunteer (with a new iphone or a good digital camera) to take photos of each student so that HST can use these pictures to make a photo collage in our program. – Students not attending the photo shoots will be invited to send in a selfie picture that can be used in the photo collage – There are some date changes for photo shoots – Tech/Make-Up – Friday, July 24th – 4pm to 8pm – Acting – Saturday, July 25th – 4 to 4pm – JR Troupe – Monday, July 27th – 4 to 8pm – GB Troupe – Tuesday, July 285h – 4 to 8pm – Theatricals – Wednesday, July 29 – 4 to 8pm – SH Troupe – Thursday, July 30 – 4 to 8pm – SR Troupe – Friday, July 31 – 4 to 8pm
– Glitch – getting songs recorded has been harder than anticipated so we will not have every show finished by photo shoots – Response: – We are going to do Private Audio Premieres on Sat. & Sunday of Labor Day weekend (Sept 5 & 6) where each show will get a zoom link to listen to their show together (Grab your popcorn – open your program!) – After enjoying their recording the students on zoom will vote if they are comfortable having an HST Community Premiere on Labor Day. – Schedule for Private Premieres: – Acting – Sat. 2pm Sept. 5 – JR Troupe – Sat. 4pm Sept 5 – SR Troupe – Sat. 7pm Sept 5 – Theatricals – Sun. 2pm Sept. 6 – GB Troupe – Sun. 4pm Sept. 6 – SH Troupe – Sun. 7pm Sept. 6 – Schedule for *possible* HST Community Premieres (*all on Labor Day, Sept. 7*) – Twenty-Five – Mon. 10am – Tuesday Night Live – Mon. 12:30 – Annie Jr. – Mon. 2pm – The Little Mermaid – Mon. 3:30pm – Romeo & Juliet – Mon. 5pm – West Side Story – Mon. 7:30pm
– Glitch – we realized we need to modify the program so that it can be something fun and positive. – Response: – We will be creating photo collages to add to our program for each show. We’ll use pictures from the photo shoots, or selfie pictures sent in by students not attending the photo shoots (this is optional). – We will be mailing the programs to each family the week of Sept. 1 with instruction: “Do Not Open Until Premiere” – We hope families will wait until the private audio premieres to enjoy looking through the program together
USB Drive with Audio Recording
– If all programs decide they are comfortable with sharing their recordings – families will get one USB with all shows. – If some programs vote to keep their recording private – only families with students in that program will get a USB for that show – USB’s will be available for pick-up at HST’s “Kiss our 25th Good-bye” picnic at Lake Needwood on Saturday, Sept. 12th at Noon. – HST’s Honor Society will announce our 26th Season’s Shows at this picnic.
We will continue to keep you posted about plans for our 26th year. We have enough registered for all 4 troupes and Theatricals. We still need additional Acting students, but we trust that will happen when we share more about our safety plans). So, keep checking for updates. Until then, I hope that everyone is managing to find ways to enjoy your summer – making lots of fun lemonaide! Blessings, Marilyn PS – My thanks to all who prayed for my daughter’s wedding on July 4th. While Covid caused it to be a completely different event than she envisioned, it was still a blessed event with wonderful memories.