SH Audition Oct. 4th – Audition Sides attached

Dear 25th Year SH Students,

*The s**ides for your audition are attached to this email*. Please print them and bring them on Oct. 4th.
*You will have AUDITIONS on OCT. 4th. *

You should *read the story of Romeo and Juliet *before October 4th, *or watch one of the movie versions*. *We will not be sending out the cut script until the casting is done. *You can easily get an un-cut version of the play on the internet.

When you prepare for auditions – you should make strong character choices for each of the characters you could be asked to read for. *You do not have to memorize these sides, but you should not treat them as cold readings.*Think about the character’s temperament, motivation, physicality, vocal tone, etc. Come prepared to act!

*Note*: *You are NOT allowed to bring props or costume pieces*. Professional auditions are done with a blank stage and the option of using a chair.

Finally, please remember to be praying for God’s provision and blessings for our 25th Year. We never want to take His help for granted.

Now, let the fun begin!
Mrs. Mullan

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