Please promote HST’s Registration to New Families

Dear HST Families,
Registration is up and running – PRAISE GOD! We’ve already had several families successfully register. *We recognize that It will be a bit of a learning curve for everyone this year but I am certain that out-sourcing this aspect of running HST was essential for our survivability. * With software needing to be updated every 5 to 7 years so it stays compatible with the web and security issues becoming more difficult, this change is the most economical long-term solution for HST. *Please note that we did not increase any tuition prices this year because we recognize that TADS passes along to our families the 3% cost of using a credit card *(which is enough increase for you). As always we trust that God will help all of our families make prudent decisions for what they can afford and then bless them with provision of income.
*Now that we are open and ready for NEW families*, we’d like to ask your help in finding those new families that keep HST going (as other families graduate out or move on to other things). *Please share with potential families that even though HST’s tuition seems high, it is still about half the cost of regular after-school programs comparable in quality to what we offer.* We also offer more than just classes, we offer a community of wonderful families and many social activities for students to connect with peers. SO, if you know of a family that you think would enjoy HST, please forward them the following link for them to consider registering:
Many thanks & blessings, Marilyn

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