HST Registration is FINALLY opening!

Dear Returning HST families,
First, I want to thank God that we are finally going to open registration. We have out-sourced our registration so that we do not have to worry about constantly updating and maintaining the software and monitoring security of your information. Please note that you only have TWO weeks to take advantage of the discounted prices. Due to our late opening, *we will be asking everyone to help promote HST’s program to new families because registration tends to be lower when we open late. T* *he new families registration link will be up on our website by Thursday. *
Returning families will be receiving invite(s) to enroll your child(ren) for HST’s 25th season late Tuesday or early Wednesday. The email will be coming from TADS, the company who will be handling our registration and payments this year.
This email will have links to *3 documents that you should look at before you enroll*. They are:
· A course list link which will bring up our *2019-2020 Class chart*. Please review this prior to enrolling your children. The early bird registration price is will *only *be in effect through *July 31st*. Also, due to lack of staffing, we had to eliminate a few classes.
· *A tuition worksheet *link that will bring up a 2 page worksheet to help you calculate your total tuition. Unfortunately, the new system will not provide a total price until you have enrolled all your children. At that point, you will not be able to make changes without contacting us. In order to minimize this, we ask you to please download this worksheet and fill it out for your records prior to enrolling.
· *A prepaid ticket worksheet* link that will bring up a document to help you calculate what you owe for prepaid tickets. The TADS system will not have the capability of charging the price of prepaid tickets this year. Therefore, we will be collecting payment for them by check(s) at our September parent meeting.
After you review these documents, we ask that you click the “enroll on the TADS website” link. This will bring you to a sign-in page. Please click the gray “Create a New Account” button and fill out all the necessary info. The system will then walk you through enrolling your child.
*Important registration notes:*
· There is a Student Supplemental Question page that asks you to select your student’s grade in school from the pull down menu. This may be adjusted throughout elementary school (e.g. in cases where a student needs to either repeat or skip a grade). However, once you list your student as an 8th grader, your student will be eligible to enroll in HST for up to 5 years (including the 8th grade year). If they skip a grade or graduate early, they have 4 years left.
· The Health Information page has a box labeled “allergies”. *Please use this box to list not only allergies, but also any other health or learning issues we should be aware of.*
· Please note the terms and conditions on the Submit Registration page. Also please be aware of the important note that if you continue forward, you may not make further changes to your course selections without contacting HST directly.
· Once you have enrolled your first child, you will be brought to a page that lists your other children. (You can also get to this page by clicking the enrollment tab at the top.) Please click on each name and repeat the enrollment process for each child. TADS requires that you accept all policies again for each child.
· If the child is not returning, please click that name and select ‘No’ when prompted. You *must* click all through listed names before your family is fully enrolled.
· To enroll a new child, please click the Admissions Tab. Then click the “Start New Application” button. You will then receive another email inviting you to enroll this child. Once we accept your child on our end (TADS does not allow this piece to be automatic), you will receive another email asking you to set up a payment agreement for this child.
· Once your family is fully enrolled, you will be brought to the payment agreement page where you can set up payments through TADS.
*Important payment notes*:
· Payments can only be made by credit card or direct withdrawal from your bank. You will need to select one of these options.
· If you pay by credit card, TADS will charge you a 3% convenience fee.
· When you first register, TADS will charge the $30 registration fee.
· In order to avoid incurring any additional fees, please use the same method of payment for all children. If a pop-up asks you to select an account, choose the “select existing account” option rather than “create a new account” unless you have a serious reason to do so.
· You have the option of having other payments charged or withdrawn on either the 15th or 25th of each month.
· Once you enroll all of your children, you will have the option of selecting a payment plan that splits your tuition over 1, 2, 4, or 6 installments. The 1 or 2 installment payment plans do not incur any additional fees. TADS will charge a $55 fee for the 4 and 6 payment plans. The table below lists the months these payments will be charged. If you select the 15th and you select one of the plans that have a July payment, TADS will make the first charge immediately (since it after July 15). Please note that there is no payment in September because that is when prepaid ticket checks will be collected.
# Payments Payment Dates 1 July 2 July, Nov. 4 Aug, Oct., Nov., Dec. 6 July, Aug., Oct., Nov., Dec.
· If you enroll after July 25 but before the Sept 1 registration deadline, TADS will charge you any previous payments.
We realize that this is a big change and will take some getting used to for all of us. But, we hope and pray that God will use this new system to streamline the registration and payment process so that we can devote more energy to the students in this program. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mena Stell: menamacrina@aol.com 410-905-1137

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