Above & Beyond Volunteers

HST would like to acknowledge that many of our parents go “above and beyond” when it comes to volunteer hours. While HST hires professional teachers/directors and has a full time Executive Director, the majority of work is done by volunteers. A family’s required volunteer service is never more than 22 hours, but HST could not survive if the majority of families only served the minimum. It has always been inspiring to witness the many extra hours of service that many families give to HST. These parents are HST’s unsung heroes who serve without any worldly recognition or reward. We are grateful for each and every one of them who have crossed paths with our program.

Volunteer Over-the-Years Award

Our Volunteer Over-the-Years Award is given to a parent who has volunteered Above & Beyond throughout their family’s career in HST. They are people who clearly have servant’s hearts and have given those hearts to HST year after year. While HST can never repay these people for the sacrifices they made, we trust that God will bless them a hundred-fold, for He is never outdone in generosity. May this award remind them that they have made a difference to our program.

Volunteer Over-the-Years Award Recipients

2003 – Dick Rabil
2004 – Dion Seymour
2005 – Lois Taylor
2006 – Doris Kiser
2007 – Dan & Kim Cox
2008 – Linda Harrison
2009 – Eydie Searles
2010 – Judy Kitchens
2011 – Nancy Atkinson
2012 – Naomi Engle
2013 – Carol Cornell
2014 – Judy Beardsley
2015 – Suzanne Ellis
2016 – Cathy Nerantzis
2017 – Cindy Flester
2018 – Debra Tallman
2019 – Lisa Reichard