Hearts of Gratitude Service Project

“There is no better cure for the blues than gratitude.”

HST would like to offer consoling words to a world darkened by COVID-19. 
  • All HST families are encouraged to make a few hearts filled with words of gratitude. 
  • These hearts may be mailed to Mrs. Mullan or left on her porch. 
  • She will post these on grocery store doors and mail them to hospitals to encourage patients and first responders alike.
Alternatively, HST families may post or mail their hearts themselves. 
If you then send HST a picture of your hearts of gratitude project, we will post it to this page.

The Chang family sent the following hearts to the Sunrise Assisted Living Facility in Montgomery Village and to 2 Chieftain Institute instructors:  one of whom has a hospitalized loved one and the other has a loved one with COVID-19. 

The Sauder family and others contributed the following hearts: