HST looking to borrow chairs

Dear Understanding HST Parents,
We have some chair needs:
– *TRAVEL TROUPE* could use some barstool chairs with backs to them. If you own some & could bring THIS Friday to Redland Baptist or to FSF Theater on Saturday (March 23) between 10 and Noon -* please reply!* – *JUNIOR TROUPE* we need nine rolling computer chairs – low back. We’d ideally like to have families bring them to Redland Baptist each Friday, until the last Friday rehearsal (April 12) when we either keep them through show week (or you could bring them to FSF Theater on April 22. If you own such a chair and would be willing to help us out -* please reply* !
Many thanks! Blessings, Marilyn

HST Needs Load In/Out Help

Dear Understanding HST Families,
Time for more begging. We need some more people to help with Load-Ins and Load-outs. This is a job where many hands make a HUGE difference! It’s also a great job for Dad’s to jump in and get to know some of the other amazing fathers in HST.
Please take a look at the Sign-Up Genius to see if you could go a little above & beyond.
Thank You! Blessings, Marilyn

Please edit your character names

Dear Understanding Travel Troupe,
Please check the attached sheet so we can be sure to get your character names correct on the placemat (since I know there are some errors in the HST program, which doesn’t come out until after your show, but I do feel badly that your year’s momento won’t be 100% correct on character names).
Mrs. Stell put this sheet together (be sure to thank her!). It will be the back of your placemat – which THS will flip over for people once Delilah starts “decorating” for the party. We’re still working on the front of the placemat which is about the Comedy Club.
Blessings, Mrs. Mullan

Travel Troupe…Details, Details, Details

Dear Understanding Travel Troupe,
Here are some details for this week:
– *Wednesday Optional Practice* – 4pm to 6pm – but you can leave earlier if need be. We’ll run lines, work schtick, check costumes, and work on getting the load-out for the show ready.
Saturday time-line:
– Location: Social Hall of FSF Theater (603 Edmonston Dr.) go around to back. – Call is NOON – be on time! Come in HST attire with undergarments already on. – Bring a bag with your make-up kit (label it with your name!) – Bring all costume items your responsible by (see list below). – Pack plenty of snacks/dinner. HST does not provide or have an ordering option for this show. Parent can bring you food when they come to show. – Pack a water bottle to keep at your chair. You want to stay hydrated & drinking lemonaide all day is not a good idea. – Noon to 2pm: – Work out blocking/dances with set/tables. – Do a run-through without mics/costumes – Get mics on & costume. (No make-up) – 2nd Run- through will be with costumes. – 2pm – get make-up on (we’ll have plenty of make-up capes to protect your costumes). – 3pm – First Show – 4 to 4:20 – You can visit with friends/family and take pictures. – 4:20 to 5pm – Eat snack & water. (NO greasy, spillable snacks – pretzels, cut-up fruit). Get notes from director. Touch up make-up. – 5pm – Second Show – 6pm to 6:20 – Last chance to get pictures in costume. – 6:20 to 7pm – Eat dinner. (Use make-up capes to protect costumes) Get notes from director. Touch up make-up. – 7pm – Third Show – Immediately after show – go change & pack up personal items. *We want to get awards done before we start breaking down set. * – Awards & possible assist with breaking down table/chairs before going to Cici’s.
Please remember to pre-pay for Cici’s this Friday (show item form is attached). Your family and friend are welcome. I love this first Cici’s event because it is more intimate. I actually get to eat and chat with everyone!
Blessings, Mrs. Mullan
heart locket, nude leotard and tights, white cardigan sweater, white flats
black jazz pants and jazz shoes, tap shoes

basketball shoes, black athletic pants
converse shoes, jeans or black chino pants

nude leotard and tights, white cardigan sweater, white flats, locket
black jazz pants and jazz shoes

white tank undershirt, brown dress shoes, pipe and pouch

black jazz pants and jazz shoes
silver pumps with 3” heel, silver nails

nude character shoes and tights

black dress shoes and socks, black belt

Show Items: Pizza, Subs, Cici’s, CD’s & teacher flowers

2019 Show Items Form is attached.
– We will also have copies on the check-in table at Redland on Fridays – We will have forms at the theater during Tuesday & Wednesday rehearsals.
What can you do with a Show Item Form?
– Order our amazing picture CD that gives hundreds of professional photos of all the shows – only $12 (need enough orders to pay for the photographer) – Pizza’s – you can order a Pappa John’s pizza for your family for most performance days. – You can order sub sandwich for Saturday of Showcase (for dinner between shows). – You can pay for your family & friends to go to Cici’s for any of the cast parties. – You can make a donation that is used to give every teacher/director a dozen roses.
You may submit this form multiple times – or just once.
– Some families like to order everything they need for the entire show season. – Some families like to submit week by week.
DROP OFF forms in the wire basket on check-in table at Redland or at theater or MAIL to: HST, PO Box 150, Rockville, MD 20858
PLEASE remember that *in order to get Cici’s to commit to staying open late – we need a minimum # of people attending*. Please consider joining us for an HST tradition – hanging out a Cici’s and watching the students having fun together.
Blessings, Marilyn