Looking for a few more NYC attendees

Dear 25th Year HST Families,
I’m sorry to keep emailing about this trip, but we’ve had a flurry of people interested at the last minute.
In order to not turn people away, *we are going with two smaller buses instead of one large bus.* We just need a few more people to get to break-even point.
Please email ASAP if you are interested. The max we can take is 10 more people. Blessings, Marilyn
Hear is the list of everyone who is currently going:
1. Marilyn Mullan
2. Sonja Der (adult)
3. Colin Conley
4. Carson Becker
5. Lara Becker
6. Pamela Hiller (adult)
7. Allison Hiller
8. Emily Hiller
9. Joey Yoritomo
10. Maria Barrows (adult)
11. Gianna Barrows
12. Mary Beth Glasgow
13. Skylar Parker
14. Isabella Wright
15. Emilia Wright
16. Nathaniel Slay
17. Katie Slay
18. Bethany Hoffman
19. Mary Claire Hoffman
20. Heather Hoffman (adult)
21. Addie Tallman
22. Kim Change (adult)
23. Grace Chang
24. Spencer Marcotte
25. Marianna Marcotte
26. Gerry Marcotte (adult)
27. Lillian Begley
28. Annabelle Begley
29. Jake Speer
30. Charlotte McNamee
31. William McNamee
32. Gracie Abel
33. Sophia Morrison
34. Leo Corbalis (adult)
35. Michael Corbalis
36. Barbara Corbalis (adult)
37. Ethan Convis
38. Elizabeth Bolin
39. Mena Stell (adult)
40. Chiara Stell
41. Michaela Stell
42. Emily Davis
43. Christy Davis (adult)
44. Noah Hoyle
45. Lily Hoyle
46. Corrie Hoyle (adult)
47. Jamin Hoyle (adult)
48. Hannah Denson
49. Ellie Franovich
50. Gracie Winn
51. Winn PARENT(adult)
52. Michaela Hall
53. Mario DeRibeaux
54. Naomi Forsythe
55. Erin Forsythe
56. Michelle Forsythe (adult)
57. Naomi Forsythe
58. Marianne Mullan (adult)
59. Rebecca Mullan (adult)
60. Sofia Creitz
61. Brenda Musser (adult)
62. Dale Musser (adult)
63. Lucia Wright (adult)
64. Adrian Wright (adult)
65. Hannah Vile
66. Karen Vile (adult)
67. Paige Turner

NYC Trip Current Attendees

Dear 25th Year HST Families,
Below is the list of people who are attending the NYC Trip on Dec. 30th (I don’t have all the forms/checks, yet, but I’ve received emails that the forms are being sent in).
I need to contact Radio City Music Hall to release tickets for the Rockettes that we are not going to use (so we don’t get stuck paying for them).
Please email me by *tomorrow at Noon * if you’ve sent in forms but your name is not on the list.
Blessings, Marilyn .
1. Marilyn Mullan
2. Marianne Mullan (Alumni)
3. Rebecca Mullan (Alumni)
4. Sonja Der (adult)
5. Colin Conley
6. Carson Becker
7. Lara Becker
8. Pamela Hiller (adult)
9. Allison Hiller
10. Emily Hiller
11. Joey Yoritomo
12. Maria Barrows (adult)
13. Gianna Barrows
14. Mary Beth Glasgow
15. Skylar Parker
16. Isabella Wright
17. Emilia Wright
18. Nathaniel Slay
19. Katie Slay
20. Bethany Hoffman
21. Mary Claire Hoffman
22. Heather Hoffman (adult)
23. Addie Tallman
24. Kim Change (adult)
25. Grace Chang
26. Spencer Marcotte
27. Marianna Marcotte
28. Gerry Marcotte (adult)
29. Lillian Begley
30. Annabelle Begley
31. Jake Speer
32. Charlotte McNamee
33. William McNamee
34. Gracie Abel
35. Sophia Morrison
36. Leo Corbalis (adult)
37. Michael Corbalis
38. Barbara Corbalis (adult)
39. Ethan Convis
40. Elizabeth Bolin
41. Mena Stell (adult)
42. Chiara Stell
43. Michaela Stell
44. Emily Davis
45. Noah Hoyle
46. Lily Hoyle
47. Corrie Hoyle (adult)
48. Jamin Hoyle (adult)
49. Hannah Denson
50. Ellie Franovich
51. Gracie Winn
52. Winn Parent (adult)
53. Michaela Hall
54. Mario DeRibeaux

Why I love our NYC Trip

Dear 25th Anniversary HST Families,
Due to my broken ankle, surgery, and slow recovery, I haven’t really “pitched” our NYC Anniversary Trip. Yes, we sent out the facts a month ago, but I didn’t tell families why this trip is so special. In my better-late-than-never philosophy, I’m going to share these thoughts now in the hopes that we’ll have enough additional interest to fill the bus! (You must email by Monday).
– NYC is magical at Christmas time. There is always high-energy on NYC streets, but during the holidays it is electric! The city does an awesome job of decorating and of course the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center is iconic. – Bryant Park is a mini-Christmas village with Ice Skating in the center and little shops/restaurants all around. * It is located directly behind the amazing NYC Public Library*. Both are possible stops along our path, providing charming ambiance in the park and breath-taking awe at the sheer magnitude of the library. – The animated Christmas windows in many of NYC stores (including Macy’s) are both nostalgic and amazing. NYC is one of the few cities that holds onto this wonderful tradition. The stores that participate start planning their Christmas windows on Jan. 2, spending a full year with top notch artists and/or technical gurus to provide these unique treasures. (HST provides a walking tour map to show where these windows are located so you can enjoy all of them as you walk to your final destination of Radio City Music Hall.) – Radio City Music Hall is a theater that everyone should tour and attend at some point in their lives. The tour provides amazing insight into it’s massive back-stage/under-stage, as well as the hydraulic lifts that bring the stage floor up from below (technology this theater pioneered even before the US Navy used for it for its air craft carriers!). This theater has a very rich history and is stunning in it’s full glory. It’s one of the best tours I’ve ever been on (plus you’ll get to meet some Rockettes!) – The Rockettes are a precision dance company that every dancer should see live. Their performances set the standard for perfect synchronization. No matter how many times I get to watch them, I am always amazed. – The Rockettes’ Christmas Spectacular Show is truly “spectacular. ” It uses amazing technology (their 3D images that fly above the audiences’ heads are awesome!), as well as retells the classic Christmas story of Baby Jesus’s birth (complete with live animals!). *HST’s seats are side-orchestra seats to ensure you soak in every amazing detail. * – New Year’s Even in Times Square is something the entire world watches. Being in Times Square on the 30th is way to participate in this world-famous celebration without dealing with a million other people! We will be able to see them test drop of “the ball” at noon,a s well as see them setting up the stages & barriers. – New York pizza is the best (my opinion) and it is awesome to finish our day on the bus with this classic treat.
Finally, my personal favorite reason for cherishing this trip is that it is an opportunity to teach the next generation of young adults that they CAN navigate a new situation. They do not do this alone. They do it by supporting each other as a team. Students are asked to use part of their travel time to NYC to answer a questionnaire about their goals for the day. Then, they are asked to work with their small group to come up with a group plan for the day. They will find themselves faced with the challenge of compromising in order to come up with a realistic plan for where their group will stop, how long they can spend at each stop, and what/when they will eat (the small groups are not allowed to split up). In the end, this day trip will teach students more about leadership and team-work than most curriculum could teach in a year!
So, if you haven’t thought about this trip for your student (or yourself!), you might want to take a minute to discuss it. In the past, some students have asked for this trip to be their one Christmas present. If your students is so inclined, you can be assured that it will be a gift they’ll never forget!
Blessings, Marilyn
PS – Details, cost, and forms are in a previously sent email.

We need at least one bus for NYC

Dear HST Families,
I am going to trust that God will fill at least one bus so that the people who have registered can attend. The question is which size bus?
So – I need an email by Monday to let me know if your student and/or you are attending. *We will ask you to follow up with forms and checks,* but right now I just need to know how many tickets to turn back in (so we don’t get charged).
*I will resend my info email about the trip* as well as another email with my Top 10 Reasons for loving this Anniversary event.
Blessings, Marilyn
Here are the* people who have already signed up *(since I know that sometimes is a factor for students deciding to go).
1. Marilyn Mullan 2. Marianne Mullan (Alumni) 3. Rebecca Mullan (Alumni) 4. Sonja Der (adult) 5. Colin Conley 6. Carson Becker 7. Lara Becker 8. Pamela Hiller (adult) 9. Allison Hiller 10. Emily Hiller 11. Joey Yoritomo 12. Maria Barrows (adult) 13. Gianna Barrows 14. Mary Beth Glasgow 15. Skylar Parker 16. Isabella Wright 17. Emilia Wright 18. Nathaniel Slay 19. Katie Slay 20. Bethany Hoffman 21. Mary Claire Hoffman 22. Addie Tallman 23. Kim Change (adult) 24. Grace Chang 25.

Fwd: 4 weeks to commit to NYC 25th Anniversary Trip!

Dear 25th Year HST Families,
As promised, HST will host another trip to NYC for our 25th Anniversary. (We have done NYC trips for our 15th and 20th Anniversaries and hope to continue this 5 yr. pattern.) Limited spaces will be filled first come, first serve.
WHAT is included in this trip?
– HST will rent coach bus(es) to travel to New York City on Monday, Dec. 30th (depart 7am, return 11:30 pm) – Groups of 2 to 6 will have several hours to explore NYC, staying within the confines of the assigned walking map which marks all the animated Christmas window displays and includes Times Square and Rockefeller Center. – – Attendees will be able to watch the test “drop” of the New Year’s Eve ball in Times Square (scheduled for Noon on Dec. 30th). – All attendees will end up at Radio City Music Hall to take a tour and watch the Rockette’s Christmas Spectacular show. – After the show, NY pizza, water, and dessert will be provided on the bus for trip back.
WHO is eligible to come?
· Current HST families and HST alumni families who meet age requirement.
· Current HST teachers/directors.
· Age (by Dec. 31, 2019) requirements:
o Age 19 and up – must have one person to tour with.
o Age 15-18 need parent signature to tour in group of 3 to 6 high school students.
o Age 13 & 14 need an adult chaperone for a group of 4 students.
· Siblings can be a chaperone if they are age 21 or older. Chaperones pay for their trip.
COST for this trip?
· Cost is $200 (non-refundable).
o If something comes up so that you can no longer attend, HST will send an email to see if someone else in HST would like to buy your slot from you.
– You can make 4 payments of $50
o Four checks should be dated: August 20, Sept. 20, Oct. 20, Nov. 20.

*Please mail signed Registration page, Guideline, and Liability Waiver with all pre-dated check(s), payable to HST. *
*Postmark deadline:** August 16 (Mail to: HST, PO Box 150, Rockville, MD 20851*
*Hand deliver to Mullan’s** on August 19(400 Broadwood Dr., Rockville, MD 20851)*
See attached registration form for more details. If you have other questions, feel free to call 240-997-5796 or reply to this email.

Welcome to HST’s 25th Anniversary Year!

Dear 25th Year HST Families,
My official “start of the year” email is early this year because it is our 25th Anniversary Year! At the end of this year, we will have produced 100 Mainstage shows! There is no question that God has blessed HST far beyond what we ever thought was possible.
Each year I pick an adjective for my email salutation. This year, it seems obvious that it just needs to be “25th Year” because no matter how many years your family ends up being with HST, you will always remember being part of us during our 25th year. I will be a celebration of gratitude all year long! To start off, I want to share my gratitude for YOU! We could never do what we do without the amazing families who share their time, treasure, and talent with HST. So, I THANK YOU for being a part of our 25th year.
Next, I want to warn you that I will be sending 3 emails concerning our Anniversary Year trip to NYC. For those who are new to HST or missed the email earlier this summer, *we have a deadline coming up for returning unused tickets.* *We will need email commitments by Monday* – so please consider reading about this trip if you have students who are 8th grade and up.
Come September you should be receiving class lists and a family director so you can work out carpools. Other important dates.
– Thespian Honor Society (THS) students have their kick-off over-night on Friday, Sept. 6th thru Sept. 7th (day trip to DC on 7th). – Our Show Announcement will be sent out on *Saturday September 7th*. – Our highschool students will hold two Car Washes in September (14th & 21st) as their contribution toward fundraising (remember your tuition does not cover anything but teacher/staff pay) – tickets and fundraising/donations cover everything else. Please plan to come and support our students on one of these Saturdays – Any current HST students who will be age 14 by Dec. 31, 2019 is considered an HST highschool student (even though some are still in 8th grade). All are eligible to sign up to work the car wash. – NOTE: there are more students who want to work than slots available. * We will send out the Car Wash Sign-up Genius link Saturday evening, Sept. 7* to all families who have a student that is age 14 by 12/31/19. Please sign up for one just one slot to give maximum people chance to work. If all slots don’t fill by Monday, we’ll send out an email letting students know they can sign up for more slots. – *Mandatory Parent Meeting* date is *Friday, Sept. 27*. – New families from 10am to Noon. We will go over the HST contract, theater volunteer jobs, volunteer teams, and go over what an HST looks like (including student social opportunities). – Returning families from 1pm to 2:30pm. We will go over HST finances, upcoming year over-view, calendar changes, and meet the Directors (including some new directors!). – Babysitting/study hall room will be provided by our Honor Society students. Donations accepted (this money supports the social activities that THS sponsors. – McD’s Kick-off Event! Friday, Oct. 4th from 11am to 1pm. ( HST will get a percentage of the sales between 11am to 1pm. Funds help cover social event costs.) – GB, SR, & SH troupes have 1st class that afternoon. – Theatricals will have their discounted outing to Go Ape in afternoon. – JR & Acting invited to local park for soccer/games in afternoon. – First Class Dates: – GB, SR., SH troupes – Oct. 4 – Acting, JR, Theatricals – Oct. 11 – 1st Dance classes – Oct. 15 & 16
Please enjoy the rest of your summer. Look for class lists come September. Blessings, Marilyn

Work day on Sat. at Mullans

Dear HST Families,
Many of you have offered to help me since I am stuck at home with this broken ankle (I can’t drive since it’s my right foot). I am completely humbled by so much kindness and generosity, although I admit that asking for help is not my strength. My guess, is that my accident is supposed to be an opportunity to get better at taking help. So, I am throwing together a last minute workday this Saturday. My youngest daughter is coming home Saturday night and it would be nice to have a bit of help with some yard work & cleaning. Marianne took vacation time in the spring to come help get tasks done (including yardwork) in preparation for my son’s Ordination in June. It would be nice if she didn’t have to see how many weeds have returned since I’m stuck in the house!
So, if there are any students (age 12 & up) or parents who have an hour to give Saturday morning (bringing your own gardening tools, please), that would be great.
I understand that many people are on vacation and most people will have plans already, but that is actually a good thing. I really don’t need tons of workers, so I figure the few people for whom this last minute notice works…will be just right!
Blessings, Marilyn

One more day to register at discount prices

Dear HST Families,
We apologize that the new system has a high learning curve (for all of us). I trust that God will help us all get through the frustration and reap the blessings down the road.
Since several people are still struggling to get the registration done, we are extending the discount prices through today.
Please contact Mena Stell if you are having any problems.
Finally, please remember to encourage new families to consider joining HST. We know that *HST is not a cheap program, but we trust that you will explain that there are MANY other benefits *to HST beyond great training and wonderful shows (*amazing families, great friendships, social activities, leadership opportunities, etc.*).
Many thanks to all for your support and patience. Blessings, Marilyn

HST prices go up Fri. Aug. 2nd

Dear Returning HST families,
REMINDER: Registration prices go up at 7:30am Friday, August 2nd. We have MANY families who have not yet registered! Please take care of this and please promote HST to new families. The link for registering as new family can be found on our website.
Returning families should have received invite(s) to enroll your child(ren) for HST’s 25th season late Tuesday or early Wednesday. The email will be coming from TADS, the company who will be handling our registration and payments this year.
This email will have links to *3 documents that you should look at before you enroll*. They are:
· A course list link which will bring up our *2019-2020 Class chart*. Please review this prior to enrolling your children. The early bird registration price is will *only *be in effect through *July 31st*. Also, due to lack of staffing, we had to eliminate a few classes.
· *A tuition worksheet *link that will bring up a 2 page worksheet to help you calculate your total tuition. Unfortunately, the new system will not provide a total price until you have enrolled all your children. At that point, you will not be able to make changes without contacting us. In order to minimize this, we ask you to please download this worksheet and fill it out for your records prior to enrolling.
· *A prepaid ticket worksheet* link that will bring up a document to help you calculate what you owe for prepaid tickets. The TADS system will not have the capability of charging the price of prepaid tickets this year. Therefore, we will be collecting payment for them by check(s) at our September parent meeting.
After you review these documents, we ask that you click the “enroll on the TADS website” link. This will bring you to a sign-in page. Please click the gray “Create a New Account” button and fill out all the necessary info. The system will then walk you through enrolling your child.
*Important registration notes:*
· There is a Student Supplemental Question page that asks you to select your student’s grade in school from the pull down menu. This may be adjusted throughout elementary school (e.g. in cases where a student needs to either repeat or skip a grade). However, once you list your student as an 8th grader, your student will be eligible to enroll in HST for up to 5 years (including the 8th grade year). If they skip a grade or graduate early, they have 4 years left.
· The Health Information page has a box labeled “allergies”. *Please use this box to list not only allergies, but also any other health or learning issues we should be aware of.*
· Please note the terms and conditions on the Submit Registration page. Also please be aware of the important note that if you continue forward, you may not make further changes to your course selections without contacting HST directly.
· Once you have enrolled your first child, you will be brought to a page that lists your other children. (You can also get to this page by clicking the enrollment tab at the top.) Please click on each name and repeat the enrollment process for each child. TADS requires that you accept all policies again for each child.
· If the child is not returning, please click that name and select ‘No’ when prompted. You *must* click all through listed names before your family is fully enrolled.
· To enroll a new child, please click the Admissions Tab. Then click the “Start New Application” button. You will then receive another email inviting you to enroll this child. Once we accept your child on our end (TADS does not allow this piece to be automatic), you will receive another email asking you to set up a payment agreement for this child.
· Once your family is fully enrolled, you will be brought to the payment agreement page where you can set up payments through TADS.
*Important payment notes*:
· Payments can only be made by credit card or direct withdrawal from your bank. You will need to select one of these options.
· If you pay by credit card, TADS will charge you a 3% convenience fee.
· When you first register, TADS will charge the $30 registration fee.
· In order to avoid incurring any additional fees, please use the same method of payment for all children. If a pop-up asks you to select an account, choose the “select existing account” option rather than “create a new account” unless you have a serious reason to do so.
· You have the option of having other payments charged or withdrawn on either the 15th or 25th of each month.
· Once you enroll all of your children, you will have the option of selecting a payment plan that splits your tuition over 1, 2, 4, or 6 installments. The 1 or 2 installment payment plans do not incur any additional fees. TADS will charge a $55 fee for the 4 and 6 payment plans. The table below lists the months these payments will be charged. If you select the 15th and you select one of the plans that have a July payment, TADS will make the first charge immediately (since it after July 15). Please note that there is no payment in September because that is when prepaid ticket checks will be collected.
# Payments Payment Dates 1 July 2 July, Nov. 4 Aug, Oct., Nov., Dec. 6 July, Aug., Oct., Nov., Dec.
· If you enroll after July 25 but before the Sept 1 registration deadline, TADS will charge you any previous payments.
We realize that this is a big change and will take some getting used to for all of us. But, we hope and pray that God will use this new system to streamline the registration and payment process so that we can devote more energy to the students in this program. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mena Stell: 410-905-1137