Volunteer Job Sign-Ups

Dear 25th Year HST Parents,
All the Sign-UP are done except for Backstage Costume Support and Costume Designers. Those will go out tomorrow. Note: *No matter what sign-up you are on* – *there is a button on the top right *that will give a *drop-down menu *of all the* other Sign-Up Groups. * Blessings, Marilyn
Set Building
Sewing Workdays
Costume Prep
Costume Cleaning & Restock
Admin Tasks
Ticket Processing
HST Special Events (Note: Pool Party jobs count toward volunteer hours but Prom hours do not)
House Managers (Only Sign Up if you have been trained as a House Manager)
Also – there are still Theater Jobs – use the tabs at top to look at different performances

Reminder – Mandatory Ticket Parent Mtg. – FRIDAY

Dear 25th Year HST Parents,
*If you have a student performing in any of HST’s shows* – you are required to come to the *Mandatory Ticket Meeting* *this Friday., Jan. 17. *Both meetings located at Redland Baptist Church 6922 Muncaster Mill Rd., Derwood, MD
– *NEW HST Families* should come to the morning meeting : *10am to 11:30pm *(Childcare/Movie available for younger siblings) – *Returning Families *should come in the afternoon: *1pm to 2:30pm *(Childcare/Movie available for younger siblings)
*If you only have students in Tech or Make-Up **you are not required to attend,* *but if your student wishes to purchase Student Section tickets for shows they are not working,* *you do need to come to the meeting since it is the only time Student Section tickets can be purchased.* Note: Tech & Make-Up Assignments were sent out in a previous email.
*Parents who do not attend the meeting cannot order Student Section Tickets *(unless they have been given an exemption due to family emergency or uncontrollable circumstance). Student Section seating is the incentive to attend!
*Parents who do not attend will have Prepaid Tickets processed with the default choice. **Note: * Parents at meeting will get a Prepaid Ticket Form that lists a couple ways that prepaid tickets can be divided up. Parents pick one of the options. (Processing tickets for 6 shows simultaneously makes it necessary for us to limit options.)
*Clarification for $50 FINE:* Parents have to miss 2 mandatory parent meetings before we issue a $50 Fine (unless one of the absences was granted an exemption for an emergency or uncontrollable circumstance). Fines must be paid before tickets will be released.
*CHANGES worth pointing out:*
– NO student sections for 5pm of Theatricals, Friday evening of Showcase, and Sat. Matinee of Showcase. – Default distribution of tickets for Theatricals is 5 tickets for 3pm and 5 ticketsfor 5pm. – Default distribution of tickets for Showcase is 5 tickets for Friday night and 5 tickets for Saturday Matinee.
TICKET TRACKERS – are attached to this email. We will not be making copies of these for the meeting, so please print your own copy and bring it with you. *We highly recommend using this form as a way to keep track of your tickets/orders*.
Please don’t stress about ticket stuff. We will walk you through everything at the meeting. Blessings, Marilyn
*Prepaid Ticket Distribution Choices*
*Coffeehouse (Theatricals)* · 5 tickets for 3:00 pm & 5 tickets for 5:00 pm (default) · 5 tickets for 3:00 pm & 5 tickets for 7:00 pm · All 10 tickets for 3:00 pm (reserved table with this option) · All 10 tickets for 5:00 pm (reserved table with this option)
*Showcase* · 5 tickets for Friday Night & 5 tickets for Saturday Matinee (default) · 5 tickets for Saturday Matinee & 5 tickets for Saturday Night · 5 tickets for Friday night & 5 tickets for Saturday Night · All 10 tickets for 2:30 pm Saturday Matinee
*GB, JR, SH, and SR Troupes* *1 child in a troupe (10 prepaid tickets)* · 5 tickets for Friday Night & 5 tickets for Saturday Night (default) · All 10 tickets for Friday Night
*2 children in a troupe (15 prepaid tickets)* · 8 tickets for Friday Night & 7 tickets for Saturday Night (default) · 10 tickets for Friday Night & 5 tickets for Saturday Night
*3 children in a troupe (20 prepaid tickets)* · 10 tickets for Friday Night & 10 tickets for Saturday Night

Dance Costume Fittings – need proper undergarments

Dear 25th Year Dance Families,
Your costume design team has been hard at work pulling costumes for Showcase and now need to try things on during class times.
Your student needs to wear proper undergarments for their try-on day.
This week ALL classes EXCEPT Jazz 1 and BW Jazz 1 (Girls) will have costume fittings.
– *For girls* the proper undergarments are black tank leo (no spaghetti straps & no low backs) and dance tights (neutral). – *For boys* the proper undergarments are black biker-style shorts. You can get baseball “slider shorts” or Speedo long shorts style swim suits but *we do NOT want loose basketball-style short*s. The undershirt needs to be a TANK style (no crew necks)..
*Jazz Shoes & Jazz Pants*
*Footlights Dance and Theater – **(does not sell leo’s)* *Footlights Frederick* 306 East Church Street Frederick, MD 21701 301-696-1558 Monday-Thursday 11-7pm Friday – 11-5pm Saturday 10-4pm
*Footlights Silver Spring* 938 Wayne Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20910 301-326-4351 Mon.- Thurs. 11-7pm Friday 11-5pm Saturday 10-4pm Sun 1-4pm
*Boys Undergarments* can be purchased at any Sporting Goods store.
Fpr boys who have outgrown their jazz pants – we are resending the following link. Please note that these pants run very small so order a larger size than normal. We recommend these pants because the fabric is thicker than other jazz pants and has strogner stretch. On slim boys, they fit tigtly through the hip and then flar out gently.
*Online Sources* (for all dance needs including leos)
*Discount Dance Supply * * <>*
*Dancewear solutions* * <>*
Many thanks to all our costume designers and volunteers. Blessings, Marilyn

No Acting Today – come to HST Improv Competition TODAY: 4:15pm to 5:30pm at DBC

REMINDER: No Acting Classes Today.
We hope you’ll support our Honor Society’s Fundraiser. It is always a FUN time…..great laughs & good company!
Come enjoy HST’s annual IMPROV Competition between HST alumni & HST’s highschool students.
Our high school upperclassman will compete against HST Alumni THIS Friday – Jan. 10 – pizza available starting at 4:15pm – competition starts around 4:45pm. We are usually done around 5:30pm so you still have time for your regular Friday evening routine.
NEW LOCATION: Derwood Bible , 16011 Chieftain Ave., Derwood, MD 20855. *We’ll meet on 2nd floor of old church building (where Chieftain classes are held). *
*Cost $3/person $10 Max per family * $2 for 2 slices cheese pizza & lemonaide
This is the Honor Society’s only fundraiser so *please support THS and enjoy the fun*! *All HST students, parents and siblings welcome and encouraged!* *Since Acting classes do not meet on this date (Jan. 10), we hope you will schedule an afternoon HST outing to enjoy this event instead of your morning class. *
*Troupe parents who are coming are asked to come to Redland Baptist at 4PM to help transport students to DBC*.
This event is a great way to see that HST is about more than the shows. * God helps build a beautiful community spirit in HST that endures long after students graduate out of the program*. It is so encouraging to see the wonderful adults our former students have become. In fact,* chatting with an HST alumni is the best way I know to get over those mid-year homeschooling blues *- “We’re so behind.” “We’re never going to finish.” “Why did we think this was a good idea?” The answer: you are growing up the next generation of awesome adults! So, *come be inspired and have some laughs! *
Blessings, Marilyn

HST Ice Skating for Highschool & Alums – Dec. 20 AND Dec. 27

*Ice Skating* in Rockville Town Center:* FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20 AND 27 – 7pm to 9:30 or 10pm*
*HST is offering skating TWICE this holiday season. Feel free to come both nights and be sure to invite your HST alumni friends!*
*Here are the details:*
Who: Any HST high school student or siblings (who are high school age – 14 by Dec. 31, 2019 – or older) and HST Alumni.
Location: Rockville Town Square Ice Rink, 131 Gibbs St., Rockville, MD 20850
Arrival Time: 7pm outside the rental building (131 Gibbs St.).
COST: We cannot get a group discount on a Friday night so everyone will pay for themselves: *$9 to skate, $5 for skate rental ($14 Total)*
EVENT RULES: No student should go to anywhere by themselves. Take at least one student with you and (ideally) let someone else at the rink know where you are heading. Stay within the Town Square area or the block between Town Square and Middle Ave (Maryland Ave has Starbucks & Gibbs St. has Little Dipper Hot Pot).
Skating Time: You will get a ticket to wear on your coat that is good for 2 hours. It includes 15 min. extra for getting skates on, so while it depends on how long it takes to collect $ and get tickets/skates – you will probably be skating until 9:30pm (give or take 15 min.).
Lockers for storing your stuff while skating: Key lockers are available for free (first come, first serve) but you must leave an ID with them until you return the key. There are also regular lockers that you can bring your own padlock for. Again, first come, first serve. NOTE: Most people just leave shoes near the benches that people use to put their skates on/off but you should keep your purse/wallets with you.
Food: The ice rink has several food places surrounding it: Five Guys Burgers (10pm), Berry Cup Yogurt (10pm), Marble Slab Creamery (10pm), Buffalo Wild Wings (2am). About 5 stores from the Christmas Tree on corner of Maryland Ave & E. Middle Lane there is a Starbucks. It closes at 11pm. On Gibbs St. side of Town Square going toward Middle Ave is Gumbo Ya Ya (10pm) and BonChon Chicken (9:30pm). You can also bring snack foods/drinks and leave them in a locker until you are ready for them.
Pick-up Time & Location: We suggest 10 or 10:30pm pick-up so students can get shoes on and grab a drink/food after skating. Please work out with your student ahead of time when you plan to pickup (or be in contact with them via cell phone). We assume that most students have cell phone to facilitate pick-up time/location. If not, we suggest making a pre-determined set time to pick up at the Christmas Tree on Maryland Avenue between East Middle Lane and Beall Ave.
*NOTE:* This event is sponsored by the Honor Society (THS), who will be there to greet, answer questions, and assist as needed and remind their peers to avoid “stupid”. HST is not providing adult chaperones for this event, although I am less than 5 minutes from the rink and will be available if something comes up.
I hope everyone who will be in town, marks this date on their calendar. Last year’s ice skaters had a great time & thoroughly enjoyed the festive town-center location. Blessings, Mrs. Mullan

Enrollment for Broadway Choir and Spring Tech workshops

Dear 25th Year HST Families,
We are pleased to announce that registration is currently open for Broadway Choir and our tech workshops. Please note that, in order to ensure we have enough T-shirts for everyone in Showcase, we will have to close Broadway Choir enrollment on January 6. The info for all of the classes may be found in the chart below:
*Class* *Time/Date/Location* *HST Ages* *Tuition* Broadway Choir 10 Friday classes starting Jan. 24. 10:45-12:00 Redland Baptist 10-18 $170 Tech Crew Workshop Sat. Jan. 11. 10:00-2:30. Mullan’s, FSF Theater 12-18 $50 Prop Workshop Sat. Jan. 18. 10:00-1:00. Mullan’s 12-18 $30 Make-Up Review Sat. Jan. 18. 1:00-4:00. Mullan’s 15-18 $30 Set Painting Workshops Sat. Mar. 7 AND Sat. Mar. 14. 2:00-5:00. Mullan’s 12-18 $50 Wig Team Mon. Mar. 16 AND Wed. Apr. 29. 1:00-5:00. Mullans 14-18 $50
Important additional information:
– If your student is on Tech Team, the following classes are also included: Tech Crew Workshop, Prop Workshop, and Set Painting Workshops. So, you will NOT need to register for these. However, please let us know as soon as you can if you plan on attending so that we can plan accordingly. – For students who are working towards THS, the hours for all 5 of these Tech classes count toward your required Tech hours.
To register for these classes: Please log into your TADS account and follow the steps below. We ask that you do this by Jan. 6 for Broadway Choir. For the workshops, please enroll by the Wednesday before the workshop occurs.
– Click on the Green “Visit” button under “Enrollment” – Click on the blue registration number for the student you would like to register – Click “Click here to edit student’s enrollment information” – Click the Supplemental tab – Scroll down to the very bottom and click the green “Edit Responses” button. – Scroll almost to the bottom of the white section to where it says “Spring Courses” – Select the ‘Yes’ bubble under Is your student currently enrolled HST Cultural Arts – Select courses for this student. – Click the green “Submit” button at the very bottom.
Unfortunately, the system will not automatically bill these mid-year course additions. We were told by our representative at TADS that we would have to periodically check on enrollment under the custom reports section of our Admin account. So, in order to make sure your course addition gets processed in a timely manner, please email or text Mena Stell once you have completed the above steps. You don’t have to send your course selections. Merely send the name of the child you updated to: or text to: 410-905-1137
Also, if you know of any new families who might be interested in HST but were not able to enroll in the fall, Broadway Choir might be a good place to try us out. *We are accepting new applications for Broadway Choir only. **We will be sending out a separate email for new families that you will be able to forward to anyone you think would be interested.*
Blessings, Marilyn

Dance Skill Charts & Instructional Videos

Dear 25th Year HST Dance Families,
The first 10 weeks of HST’s dance classes have a primary focus on technique (except for level 4 classes). This year the 10th week will actually be the 1st week back after Christmas holidays (Jan. 7 & 8). After that, teachers will be focused on choreographing the dances for Showcase.
*Please use the attached skill charts and links to instructional videos to help your students practice at home* because *skill mastery is not going to happen if dance class is the only time your student dances.*
Tap instruction videos:
For Jazz the ‘Howcast’ videos on youtube are free and recommended:
We’ve also attached the list of skills that should be mastered at each dance level.
Blessings, Marilyn