Hip Hop does not count for SR Troupe dance requirement

Dear Understanding SR Troupe Students,
Jazz/Hip-Hop will not longer count as your required dance class for SR Troupe. For those who were in the Hip Hop class and do not know whether to register for Broadway Jazz 1 or 2 – go ahead and register for Broadway 1 (unless you were previously assessed as ready for Broadway Jazz 2). We will likely split the Broadway Jazz 1 class into two classes. It could be that we create a Broadway Jazz 1.5 class or a Boys Broadway Jazz class. We’ll make that determination when registrations are all in. The “split” classes will both meet at the Broadway Jazz 1 time.
Blessings, Mrs. Mullan

3 Auction Items at Pool Party

Dear Understanding HST Families,
I decided that 3 items it not worth my having to monitor emails for a couple hours. Therefore, we will have bid sheets for the following 3 items at the Pool Party. If you want to bid but are not coming to Pool Party – *you can email me the item and the highest bid you are willing to pay for the items *you are interested in. * I will then bid for you – up to your max (I won’t just to your max, but will bid $1 more than the latest bid until your max is reached). * Blessings, Marilyn
*Potomac Driving School* *–Share this unique opportunity with other families with teens!* –$350 gift certificate valid toward cost of Driver Education Course for one first-time student, age 15+ –30 hours classroom instruction and 6 hours in-car lessons –locations throughout Montgomery County; cost of course varies with location ($350-$550) –licensed & certified by MD MVA –expiration date: 2/29/2020 (just have to register for class by this date) –minimum bid: $175
*The Adventure Park at Sandy Spring Friends School (Sandy Spring, MD)* *–TripAdvisor winner of Certificate of Excellence for last 6 years in a row!* –2 vouchers, each valid for 3 consecutive hours climbing at the Aerial Forest Adventure Park plus 40-minute orientation session. Valid during normal hours of park operations. Ages 7+ Weight limit= 265 lbs. –expiration date: 12/8/19 –retail value: $112 –minimum bid: $55
*Shadowland Laser Adventures * *–Great gift idea!* –Triple Play Pass good for 3 free plays. Valid at all 5 locations: Columbia, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Chantilly, Springfield –expiration date: none –retail value: $21 –minimum bid: $10

Reminder – Pool Party is tomorrow

*HST Annual End-of-year POOL PARTY Details*
POOL PARTY is TOMORROW – May 31 from Noon to 3PM (no rain date so send up a prayer for good weather!)
*ADDRESS: Twinbrook Pool, 13027 Atlantic Ave., Rockville, MD 20851** (See directions below)* There is plenty of parking.
We have RSVP’s for 210 people! *Your cost helps us cover the cost of rental and food basics (kosher hotdogs, fixins, lemonaide, paper goods)**.* The final decision was that this is a private rental (since we are the only people at the pool during this time) so membership did not reduce cost. Therefore, *if you RSVP’d yes – we hope you will attend since we need high numbers to cover costs *(we won’t break even but if everyone comes it will be less than $100 “cost” to HST to hold this event).
*FEE: **$5 one person, $10 for two or three people, $15 for 4 or more people* *– will be collected when entering.* *Note – your entire family is invited if you were part of our 2018/2019 season. Please do not bring friends/guests. This is an HST event.*
*There is a sand volleyball court, basketball hoop, ping-pong, playground, shaded areas to sit, diving well, and lots of grassy area to spread out towels/blankets – so* *plan to come even if you don’t like to swim.* *Everyone has a great time**!! * NOTE: This pool does not have a baby pool, but babies can be held by parents in large pool with swim diapers. Noodles and floaties for toddlers.
*Families should bring ONE of the following:* salad, munchie, or dessert (please bring whatever serving utensils are needed).
*Families should bring their own towels & sun screen and a food item to share. *

*Dress Code:* Girls should wear a tee shirt over their suit if they have a two-piece suit or a low-cut one-piece suit. Modest Tanktini’s that cover mid-riffs are fine. Boys should wear boxer swimsuits or jammers, not racing or brief style swim wear.
*DIRECTIONS:* Atlantic Ave. intersects with Veirs Mill Rd. (there is a light at this intersection) There is a McDonald’s and a Dairy Queen at this intersection (when you turn onto Atlantic Ave. the McD’s will be on your left and the Dairy Queen on your right). About 1/10 of a mile down Atlantic Ave. you will turn left into the entrance for Twinbrook Pool (look for wooden sign – you cannot see the pool from the street). Note: Atlantic Ave. intersection is between Twinbrook Pkwy. intersection and Edmonston Drive intersection.
*How to get to Veirs Mill Rd. from Rt. 270:* Take the Rt. 28 exit off 270 – going toward Rockville. You will wind through downtown Rockville, before coming to a massive intersection with Rt. 355 (Hungerford Dr.). Once you cross this intersection – the street becomes Veirs Mill Rd. Atlantic Ave. will be your fifth light after crossing over Rt. 355 (2nd and 3rd lights are very close together). If you get to Twinbrook Pkwy. you have gone too far.

Clarification about Auditions

First – I will send out all the Troupe lists tomorrow so that people won’t have to ask people, “Did you get in?”
Second – Both SR and SH troupes made cuts (which has been the case for several years now. These troupes stayed at the same size that they were last year – SR 30 and SH 22.
Third – moving forward ANYONE who wants to audition for SR Troupe (whether they are coming from Acting, JR, GB, or SH Troupes) will have to do a year in Theatricals first.
Blessings, Mrs. Mullan

Tap assessment will come out tomorrow

Putting together the charts so there can be complete transparency and consistency from year to year – is taking time. After this year it will be easier to update.
I’m going to take a break and get the Tap assessments out tomorrow.
If there is an error concerning your age or the number of years you’ve taken dance, please let me know. Blessings, Mrs. Mullan

SH Audition Results

If you are receiving this email, you have been accepted into SH Troupe for next year. The 2020 Shakespeare Troupe list is attached.
Please be aware that *we did NOT accept everyone*. *Shakespeare Troupe will be the same size as last year – 22 students. *
Ms. Steffi’s preference is that everyone in SH Troupe have some lines because an actor can work on projection, diction, and speaking in Old English. These skills are essential for the audience to understand a Shakespeare production so it is important for students to have the opportunity to work on them (even if the number of lines is small). While we *could* use an ensemble to enhance some scenes/dances, we decided that the value derived from that for the audience, was not greater than the additional burden of costuming and the loss of skill development for the ensemble actors.
We ask that everyone honor our 24 hour black-out for communicating with peers about the audition results. The students who were not accepted deserve to have a day to process their feelings. Note: *the black-out includes communicating with peers who were accepted.* We feel it is best to process disappointment or excitement privately first so that communication with peers can be professionally calm and supportive, not emotional. Also, *it adds to the pain of not getting into troupe to feel that everyone else is happily chatting. *Remember – *HST is one big family that puts on six equally important shows. * I hope you will continue to communicate with peers whether or not they are in the same HST program as you.
Blessings, Mrs. Mullan

Welcome to JR Troupe

The JR Troupe list is attached.
If you did not get assigned to the troupe you’d hoped for, please remember that you can ask to be switched after this year. Assignments were done with the goal of balancing # of students, # of families, boys/girls, and distribution of ages.
We are looking forward to our 25th Year, but we ask that you not have high expectations for “special” shows. Both JR & GB troupes are lower in numbers which means less tuition income and less ticket sales. We know that whatever shows fit HST’s budgets, God will help us make them great.
Blessings, Mrs. Mullan