New Travel Troupe Tradition is Born!

HST’s Travel Troupe kicked their year off by doing the ropes course at Go-Ape. Since this is an ensemble troupe that will work together in Improv, comedy, and script writing, HST decided to jump-start their team-work skills by partially sponsoring an optional outing to Go-Ape (participants paid $20 and HST covered the balance). We had 12 students and six chaperones successfully complete the course. It was particularly awesome to have some of our HST alumni come back to chaperone (thank you Maria Cummings, Michael Barber, and Jonathan Alexander), as well as Mr. & Mrs. Haley and Mr. & Mrs. Vile. Some student’s favorite components were the Tarzan swing and the Zip line, while others felt that everything on the course was fun. All agreed that it was a worthwhile outing that should become an annual event for HST’s Travel Troupe.

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