Fwd: Welcome to HST’s 24th Year!

Dear Understanding HST Families,
My welcome to our 24th year email is late for many reasons but the major one is that we are having trouble with email going out. Right now large groups are being “delayed” (the show announcement emails returned to me twice before going thru on the 3rd day). However, if I send the same email out multiple times (to smaller groups) I’m at risk of being completely shut down (for several days) because they think we are SPAM (they monitor # of batch emails). * SO* we are putting in place a system that will automatically post emails to the “HST FAMILIES” page. *We’ll be sending out a password for this page once we have it set up.*. We also plan to set up a text message system that will let you know that an email has gone out so that you can go to the website to read it (if you don’t get it in your email box). While this is obviously a lot for us to get set up, we really don’t have any choice. Communication is essential for our program to run smoothly. We will be using your primary phone number for our text notification. * If your primary is not a cell – or you do not wish to receive text messages at all – please let us know. *
Now, to back-up and explain for our new families that I pick an adjective for every year’s email salutation. I was going to use “patient” because everyone has already had to be patient with HST’s late registration and all the glitches we encountered this summer. However, patient, as a noun, means someone sick and I consider HST’s families to be some of the healthiest family units that I’ve ever known. So I picked a synonym for patient – understanding. While I hope this does not mean that I will be asking you to patiently understand various issues and problems all year long, I do think it is an appropriate adjective for HST families. In 24 years, our program has had to change as needs and circumstances changed. In every case, our families have taken the time to understand the reasons and adjust accordingly. This flexibility (and God’s providence) is what has enabled HST to survive. For this, I am truly grateful. So, every time I type “Dear Understanding HST Families” this year, I will say a quick thank-you for each and everyone of you. *Whether you have been with us many years, or this is your first, your willingness to read and understand the needs of our program IS appreciated*.
Important Date Reminders:
High School Car Wash Fundraisers (run by HST’s Thespian Honor Society – THS)
– THIS Saturday -* Sept. 15* from 9am to 5pm – Shell Station – 2240 Veirs Mill Rd., Rockville – Next Saturday – *Sept. 22* from 9am to 5pm – Shell Station – 22 40 Veirs Mill Rd., Rockville – – Please remember your tuition does not cover anything but teacher/staff pay – tickets and fundraising/donations cover everything else.* Our students depend on the support of HST families coming to the car washes! * – Any* current HST students who will be age 14 by Dec. 31, 2018 is considered an HST highschool student* (even though some are still in 8th grade). All are eligible to sign up to work the car wash. – With the email problems we are getting the Sign-up Genius link out late – so s*tudents may sign up for as many slots as they can fit into their schedules* (Note – two shifts (8hrs) in one day is a LOT. We suggest 1 shift per Saturday) – The Sign-Up Genius Link to sign-up is: www.signupgenius.com/go/8050f4aabaf2aa02-september – *Mandatory Parent Meeting* date is *Friday, Sept. 21*. – New families from 10am to Noon. We will go over the HST contract, theater volunteer jobs, volunteer teams, and go over what an HST looks like (including student social opportunities). – Returning families from 1pm to 2:30pm. We will go over HST finances, upcoming year over-view, calendar changes, and *meet the Directors/Teachers*. – Babysitting/study hall room will be provided by our Honor Society students. Donations accepted (this money supports the social activities that THS sponsors. – McD’s Kick-off Event! Friday, Sept. 28 from 11am to 1pm. HST’s Honor Society gets a percentage of the sales which they use to support expenses associated with the social events they run during the year. – GB, SR, & SH troupes have 1st class that afternoon. – JR & Acting invited to local park for soccer/games in afternoon. – Travel Troupe will have a kick-off team building event at Go-Ape from 1pm to 4pm. – HST will get a percentage of the sales between 11am to 1pm. These funds go to Thespian Honor Society and help support the social events they sponsor. Meeting our new families and reconnecting with returning families provides the emotional boost that I depend on at this time of year. The nonsense that goes along with running HST is nothing when compared to the wonderful families and students in the program. So – I can’t wait to see everyone on Sept. 21st! Blessings, Marilyn

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