Dance Undergarments next week

Dear Understanding Dance Students,
The costumers will start trying on costumes next week. All dancers should wear their proper undergarments *EXCEPT HipHop A&B and Irish Softshoe. *
*UNDERGARMENTS* – Everyone should have proper undergarments by January.
– *For girls* the proper undergarments are black tank leo (no spaghetti straps & no low backs) and dance tights (neutral). – *For boys* the proper undergarments are black biker-style shorts. You can get baseball “slider shorts” or Speedo long shorts style swim suits but *we do NOT want loose basketball-style short*s. The undershirt needs to be a TANK style (no crew necks)..
*When buying dancewear, remember that the old adage “you get what you pay for” REALLY applies. * Most girls will feel much more comfortable in a leotard with good support. Support costs a little more but is well worth it.
Be sure to buy tights specifically made for dance. Tights bought at the local big box store or grocery will not work in a dance situation…especially if your dancer has any kind of costume change.
*Boys Undergarments* can be purchased at any Sporting Goods store.
*Girls Undergarments * can be ordered from:
*Discount Dance Supply * * <>*
*Dancewear solutions* * <>*
*LOOKING AHEAD – *please remember: Parents will receive an email in early March with the items that your dancer(s) will need for the show. The items that you are responsible to provide will be things that were listed as “stock” items in the policies contract. If you student is asked to provide black jazz pants or dress black pants for their costume, you will need to make sure they are “black.” If the jazz pants the student has been using for class are faded – you will be asked to buy new ones so the dancers can look sharp on stage. Your student will be asked to bring in the items they are providing to one class in March (you will receive an email).
– Please set aside shopping time in March to get the items your student will need. Allowing you to wait to see exactly what is needed means you save money (most dance studios require you purchase all stock items in advance). In return, we ask that you promptly purchase these items for the sake of our costume team & bring them in when asked.
*We also want to send a few reminders: *
FIRST – Be on time. This means arriving early enough so your student can get their dance shoes on & be in class when the teacher starts warm-ups. We understand that life happens but it isn’t fair to the teacher or the other students when the full class isn’t present until 10, 15 or 20 minutes into the class. Technically the student can be asked to sit and watch if they are more than 10 min. late because they will have missed warm-ups. We don’t want to resort to this, so we simply ask you to leave more time to get to class.
SECOND – Wear proper dance attire *including proper shoes*.
*CLASSES – *HST shirt, black jazz or sweat pants, and proper shoes are REQUIRED for every class. Full lenth (not capri-length) yoga pants (not skin-tight yoga “tights” – pants will have a flare at the bottom) and black sweat pants will work for classes and can be purchased at Target and many other local stores. Dancers’ feet should be easily visible. If not – you will need to hem them (this is a GREAT skill to teach your student – you can do the measuring, pinning, demo a few stitches & then let them finish). If you don’t have time to hem, we recommend going to a discount drycleaning store. They will have the cheapest alteration rates.
Many thanks & blessings, Marilyn

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