Honor Society (THS) First Social a Success!

Our first THS sponsored social event of the year was the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Thirteen students joined up to enjoy professional performances of classic Shakespearean scenes, many starring SH Troupe’s director Steffi Phelan as Queen Catherine, as well as many other activities that the festival had to offer. We were blessed with wonderful weather, which unfortunately meant a sold-out crowd, but we still had a wonderful time and managed get everyone home safe. The success of the event certainly sets a positive tone for the future social gatherings THS has planned for our high school students. Go to https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0549aea72ca1fa7-social to sign up and get in on the fun!

New Travel Troupe Tradition is Born!

HST’s Travel Troupe kicked their year off by doing the ropes course at Go-Ape. Since this is an ensemble troupe that will work together in Improv, comedy, and script writing, HST decided to jump-start their team-work skills by partially sponsoring an optional outing to Go-Ape (participants paid $20 and HST covered the balance). We had 12 students and six chaperones successfully complete the course. It was particularly awesome to have some of our HST alumni come back to chaperone (thank you Maria Cummings, Michael Barber, and Jonathan Alexander), as well as Mr. & Mrs. Haley and Mr. & Mrs. Vile. Some student’s favorite components were the Tarzan swing and the Zip line, while others felt that everything on the course was fun. All agreed that it was a worthwhile outing that should become an annual event for HST’s Travel Troupe.

Car Wash Fundraiser a Success!

HST’s Honor Society ran two car washes, Sept. 22 and 29 – earning a total of $1400. We are super grateful to God for this wonderful outcome because we had a few handicaps to overcome this year.  Our first car wash was five hours, not eight, and our second car wash had a surprise visit from the Shell tanker truck that shut down the car wash for 40 min while the underground gas tanks were filled.  On top of that, we had grey skies, sprinkles, and small donations that resulted in the lowest earning morning in HST’s history.  Our students didn’t give up, however, and their continued enthusiasm resulted in a profitable afternoon that made up for the morning.  

Part of the fun of HST car washes is the people our students get to meet and chat with.  There was the grandmother who had 22 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren, the University of MD college student studying public health (non-HST) who donated $30,  several Spanish-speaking patrons who allowed our students to practice their Spanish, a painter from the Dominican Republic who will be going around the world with his family, a father interested in homeschooling who talked to our students for over a half hour to get their ideas and feedback,  a woman who said she loved to see “kids working together to do something good with everyone pitching in,” a super-appreciative patron who went to Dairy Queen and brought back ice cream bars for the workers at the end of the day, and of course the most enjoyable of all –  the HST parents, relatives, and alumni who come by to support our high school students.  If you couldn’t make it by, you have plenty of other opportunities to help us raise the money for our 24th Season’s sets/props/costumes.  Next up is our Silent Auction/Variety Show on Nov. 10th.  We hope to see you there!

Amazing Evening for HST’s Prom

HST has hosted an annual prom at the Glenview Mansion in Rockville, MD since 2003 for our high school students (ages 15 & older) and their invited friends. Our goal is for this event to be focused on fun and not on dates.  Traditional proms are only attended by couples, which often results in people attending with a blind date or someone they do not know well. This can create an awkwardness that causes the evening to fall short of expectations. 

Since HST’s prom has a majority of students attending without dates, the focus is to have an elegant evening of fun memories with peers. Our students take group pictures in the formal mansion gardens, eat a sit-down dinner in the elegant dining room, dance in the atrium, and relax at the after-breakfast party at the near-by home of HST’s Executive Director.  We hope you’ll enjoy perusing some of the pictures from our 2018 Prom which was held on June 13th.